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Introducing the importance of skirting boards

  • The role of skirting boards in enhancing the appearance of your flooring
  • The significance of choosing the right skirting boards for your needs

Factors to consider when selecting skirting boards

  • The material of the skirting boards: wood, MDF, or PVC
  • The style and design of the skirting boards
  • The height and width of the skirting boards
  • The color and finish of the skirting boards
  • The installation method of the skirting boards
  • The durability and maintenance requirements of the skirting boards

Different types of skirting boards for your parket flooring

  • Classic skirting boards with chamfered edges
  • Bullnose skirting boards for a softer and rounded look
  • Square edge skirting boards for a clean and modern appearance
  • Ogee skirting boards for an elegant and decorative touch
  • Torus skirting boards for a traditional and timeless appeal
  • Laminate skirting boards for a budget-friendly option
  • Flexible skirting boards for curved walls or uneven surfaces

Benefits of choosing the right skirting boards

  • Protection against damage and moisture
  • Concealment of unsightly gaps and cables
  • Enhancement of the overall aesthetic appeal
  • Increased property value

Important tips for installation and maintenance

  • Ensure proper measurements and alignment during installation
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques for successful installation
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance to prolong the lifespan of the skirting boards
  • Consider professional installation for complex or intricate designs


  • Selecting the right skirting boards for your parket flooring is crucial for both functionality and design purposes.
  • By considering factors such as material, style, height, width, color, and finish, you can find the perfect skirting boards that complement your flooring.
  • With various options available, you can choose from classic, bullnose, square edge, ogee, torus, laminate, or flexible skirting boards to achieve your desired look.
  • The benefits of choosing the right skirting boards extend beyond enhancing aesthetics, as they also provide protection and increase property value.
  • Remember to follow important installation and maintenance tips to ensure the longevity and durability of your skirting boards.